Great Eats Discovered re-visited

So far we have discovered 4 good places to eat in Walcott Street:

Made by Ben

This is a tiny hole-in-the-wall place serving beautiful pies, quiches, flans, frittata and fortilla.  We have eaten here twice in the little back room that seats about 8 people.  We also bought an artichoke and goat’s cheese fortilla for a lunch at home with Liz and Dave.  Very good for Liz who is vegetarian.

Sam’s Kitchen

We haven’t actually eaten here yet as it has either been too early and not open or too full as it is so popular at weekends.  We will eat there one day and I will report back.

The Fine Cheese Company

We have eaten here on several occasions.  We found it last summer in fact.  It has a fantastic array of cheeses as the name suggests but also a nice eating area serving lovely sandwiches, soups and other specials.  The only problem is the manager who is often very grumpy but we have got over that and now find her quite amusing.

The Saracens Head

Claims to be the oldest pub in Bath – who knows.  Has a good atmosphere, entirely foreign (Spanish I think) bar staff and quite good pub food.  The pies are outstanding.  Very good short pastry and generous meat fillings served with mash and an individual gravy jug.

Others yet to be tried include:

  1. Schwarz Brothers Burgers – said to be the best in Bath
  2. Yammo Pizza – which won best Pizza Chef 2014 so it  good.

I hope that is a bit more detail.

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