Westonbirt Arboretum is located a few miles west of Tetbury where my parents live.  It is in fact the National Arboretum and was established in late-Victorian times based on a private collection as so many of these places are.  We have visited Westonbirt many times over the years when on family visits to the UK.  Finally we have become Friends of Westonbirt so that we can enjoy unlimited entry.  The plan is, when visiting my parents in Tetbury, to go to the arboretum for a picnic lunch, a walk amongst the trees and a coffee in the cafe, of course.

We have had three picnics so far.  The first was in traditional English style sitting in the car in the pouring rain.  The second was with Liz and Dave when we sat in their camper van as it was too cold to sit outside.  However, yesterday we finally triumphed with a picnic outside at one of the wooden picnic tables in weak sunshine followed by a long walk in Silk Wood.  Amazingly, despite all our previous visits, this was the first time we had walked in the Silk Wood portion of the arboretum.  We did of course end up in the Cafe for hot chocolate with marshmallows.  A fitting end to a lovely visit.  Also, we were able to sit outside in real sunshine warm enough in which to take off our coats.  (Surely shome mishtake, ed.).

Mr Wolf carving
Mr Wolf carving

Wood Barn
Wood Barn

Stake with Axe Blade
Stake with Axe Blade


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