Best Hot Chocolate in Bath

How can one really know such a thing unless one had tried every cafe in the city.  One can’t of course but today we had the best cup of hot chocolate that we have had anywhere since arriving in the UK.  We were just having a little walkabout in downtown Bath and decided to go to “Same Same but Different”, in Bartlett Street just off George Street, one of many cafes and eateries that we have been lining up to visit.

Same Same but Different
Same Same but Different

The waitress said that she would get their “hot chocolate queen” to make it which indicated that she thought they made a pretty good cup and sure enough it was rich a creamy with a nice firm head and just enough mini marshmallows to be tasty without overwhelming it with sugar.

Yummy yummy...
Yummy yummy…

Mmmmm…. that went down very nicely thank you.

P.S. I have just read on the web site of the Blue Quails Deli that they apparently have ‘the best hot chocolate’ in Bath!!  We will have put this to the test on another occasion.

2 thoughts on “Best Hot Chocolate in Bath

  1. Everything Will Be Okay at the End February 27, 2015 / 8:52 pm

    If you ever venture out to Warsaw, I will direct you to the best hot chocolate in the world. True, I haven’t tasted hot chocolate everywhere but from everything that I have ever tasted there is nothing comparable to what you get there. If you like your hot chocolate intense and tasting like liquid real chocolate that is…


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