First trip to Wales

We have just returned from our first trip to Wales. We left with great ambitions to drive all around the principality but once we arrived at our first booked accommodation at Llandogo in the Wye Valley these all just evaporated. Ty Bryn B&B was situated overlooking the Wye offering us this view from our room…

The River Wye, Monmouthshire
The River Wye, Monmouthshire

As a great start to the trip I had cleverly booked for the wrong weekend and our B&B host, Nikki, was not even expecting us.  She was not even open as it was her birthday that day but fortunately for us she was a lovely person and welcomed us in anyway.  The house was absolutely delightful, decorated very tastefully and with much care and attention to detail.  And now we were the only guests.  The next day we decided to extend our stay from 2 to 5 nights and just drive to various places in and around the valley.  There were other guests in the house for only one night while we were there so we had a lovely time especially as Nikki was a very friendly and helpful host.

Ty Bryn - Dining Room
Ty Bryn – Dining Room

Ty Bryn - Sitting Room
Ty Bryn – Sitting Room

The trip had two main themes: walks and castles, with some sundry abbeys and houses thrown in for good measure. Since we were in a B&B all of our eating was done out so I am going to write three posts each dealing with one of these aspects.

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