Names Darling, Names…

“Lacroix, Lacroix” cries Edina.

20150427_160746Absolutely Fabulous, darling, pass the Bolly.

Sticking to our intention to experience as much of Bath artistic life as possible we recently attended the Bath Spa University Fashion Design Show for 2015 held at the Assembly Rooms.  This included “White Shirts” from 1st year students, “Drape Dresses” and “Surgery Couture” (no, I don’t know what that means, even after Googling it) from 2nd year students and the Final Year Collections from the 3rd year students.

This would have to qualify as my first real live fashion show and as far as I could tell it was staged exactly as any full fashion show would be although presumably within the budgetary constraints of the University.  They might not have been top professional models but they at least all looked as if they were, nevertheless, professional models of some level.  No normal person walks and poses that way, do they?

There were 17 collections in all and most comprised at least half a dozen outfits although for some reason a few just showed four or even two – maybe they couldn’t afford to do six, I don’t know.  Either way we were very impressed with the designs, some of which really looked as if they could walk right off the catwalk and onto the racks in a high street fashion store.  Others were a little more, shall we say, experimental, but really, with a little toning down even these would have a sporting chance in the average high street.

This is our second exposure to work by the Bath Spa University students in the area of the “arts”, the first being the play at Burdall’s Yard already reported on in an earlier post.  We will definitely be keeping up our attendance at future events.  The only problem for me during the show was that I was kept very busy trying to capture it in stills and video format.  Some of the results of my efforts can be seen in the new fashion Gallery on this page and my first effort at video editing in YouTube video below.  Enjoy!

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