Bea’s Vintage Tea Rooms, Saville Row, Bath

7There are many places to eat and drink in Bath as in most places and I don’t flatter myself that Bath is any more special in that regard.  However, since I am blogging our Bath experience I feel duty bound to report on Bea’s Vintage Tea Rooms at the top of Saville Row just below the Assembly Rooms.  I have sampled these before although it was still quite wintry and they made their contribution to my search for the best hot chocolate in Bath on that occasion.

Old Bond Street, Bath
Old Bond Street, Bath

On this occasion we sampled the authentic delights embodied in some of Bea’s teas – Darjeeling 2nd Flush to be precise.  This was certainly new to me and we both liked it so much that we went straight to The Teahouse Emporium hoping to find some.  In fact they had three different offerings of 2nd Flush; this is Bath after all.

Anyway, back to Bea’s.  The conceit of this establishment is to offer an experience of nineteen-forties style.  On the whole they don’t do a bad job of it with the waitresses all dressed up in period costume complete with headscarves and red lipstick, plenty of very nice china with a lot of chintzy style.  Full marks too for having marmite to go with the toast as well as marmalade.  Downstairs is a very lavish party room with a table for at least 10 or 12.  It costs little more but if you want a stylish afternoon tea then Bea’s is the place to go.  Some more pictures below to convey the atmosphere…

Jo's%20Hen%20Party%20-%20the%20team          2015-05-23 10.34.20

2015-05-23 10.34.03

…and a little video for good measure.  Not quite up to the standard already set but it will have to do.

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