Funky Hotel PH on Oostiende

2015-06-12 13.26.35Be prepared for a blizzard of posts on Amsterdam.  We recently spent five days in the Venice of the North and really enjoyed it a lot.  It is always a bit of risk booking hotels online especially in another country but I think that we did alright with this one.  We booked the whole thing using and we compared the same hotel and flights with and the airline’s own site and really there was not much difference but since was a little cheaper it seemed just as well to book through a single supplier.

43017279Our hotel choice was a small boutique establishment that was located quite near to the “Museum Quarter”, as it is called, where the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum are to be found along with some other less important ones like the Diamond Museum.  The décor could be described as “gothic” as black and a dark purple were much in evidence although the effect that they were striving for was a sort of sophisticated chic, I think.

2015-06-09 09.55.59This being Europe and Holland in particular, the room had a challengingly non-prudish toilet and shower arrangement whereby the shower was behind an open wall and the toilet separated from the room by a sliding glass door that was just a little darkened.  The picture to the left was taken sitting in the armchair looking towards the toilet door which appears here as a full length mirror but only due to the daylight behind me.  Inside the toilet one had a clear view of the room outside.  A little unnerving at times.

Still the bed was comfortable and shower excellent and the dining area downstairs, though just large enough for the hotels guests indicating that there were only about a dozen rooms at most, was pleasant and relaxed.

43017988       43017420

Each morning at breakfast a very diminutive woman with a headscarf always seemed to be holding court along with her small daughter.  By the way that she spoke to the kitchen and wait staff it appeared that she was either the owner or the wife of the owner of the premises which seemed quite ironic as we surmised she was probably Indonesian – or should I say Batavian given Dutch colonial history – especially as most of the hotel guests seemed to be European, often Dutch.  Indeed, the whole time we were there I did not see another native English-speaking guest.  Does that make us “travellers” and not tourists? I do hope so.  Got to keep the Bath and Balmain bohemian credentials up.

4 thoughts on “Funky Hotel PH on Oostiende

  1. Everything Will Be Okay at the End June 23, 2015 / 11:55 pm

    I just had a quick look and prices there per night for 2 people seem to be $200+… My Internet search is giving this hotel 3 stars and I actually checked some dates in September, which should be a cheaper season? Do you see significant price increases for tourism or is it just me? I have a feeling that for $250 per night you’d be getting a 4 or even a 5 star not long ago. I was recently searching for a hotel in Milan for October and most 3 star hotels closer to the city were around $300 per night. Is this crazy or is it just me!?!?


    • Toby the Cat June 24, 2015 / 12:29 pm

      Actually, we calculated that we were paying about the same price as we would expect to pay for a standard 4 star hotels if we visited Melbourne or somewhere like that. The Expedia price was a discounted price. I don’t know who pays “rack” rate nowadays for hotels. You are right that it is a 3 star, not 4 star but it was quite comparable in most respects except no room service food and other such big hotels amenities. Wifi was very good. I think if you try Expedia or and similar you will find affordable deals. The other point to note about these booking services is you have hold your nerve and book closer to the time you want to stay to get the best deals. Also, if you can, book places that include free cancellation and be prepared to swop around as the deals come up nearer to your time of stay. Sorry if this is teaching you to suck eggs :).


  2. Everything Will Be Okay at the End June 25, 2015 / 11:02 pm

    That’s interesting… I normally book months ahead, doing research and comparing prices between different services. It’s interesting to note that sonetimes I get a 20% off deal or similar from one of the companies and find that it’s more expensive than no deal offers from others. Lots of fake deal advertising. But on the point if we should book early or very late, I was checking if we could cancel a very early booking and get a cheaper one late when we were in the States. Every time i tried i could not get a better deal to what I’d found early…? What’s yo experience?

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    • Toby the Cat June 26, 2015 / 7:22 am

      Well since we tend to book quite late anyway and the stated reductions are usually quite substantial we have never actually cancelled for a better deal. My comments are largely based on reading about the best way to get good deals. The principal is that the best reductions will come nearer the date you want as if the room you want is still available they will be doing their best to sell it even at break even. The trade off for the booker is between price and certainty. Do I prefer to know I have a room at a reeasonable price or do I really want that best deal possible. The discussion could go on and on as we will be doing a lot more booking over the coming year as expect you will also.


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