Brown Vans Man

2015-07-27 16.10.19You have all heard of Essex “White Van Man” but now I must introduce you to Bath Vans Man.  I have just bought yet another pair of my new favourite shoes.  They are so light that I don’t even know I am wearing them.

These can now join my ever-growing collection of Vans.  The wonderful thing about my Vans is that I no longer have to hold my nose and buy Nike Frees – I don’t have to buy anything made by Nike anymore.


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Filling in the Details

2015-07-25 12.11.56With the spate of visitors that we have been entertaining recently – and my sister-in-law and her daughter from Chicago are now staying with us – we have been re-visiting some of the nearby attractions multiple times.  In doing so, each time we have noticed or strayed into new parts or aspects of these places.  On the list of repeat destinations outside of Bath are Castle Combe, Lacock and Dyrham Park.

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It’s Friday, It Must Be Wells

2015-07-09 10.44.56Once again the tour guiding has been in overdrive for a week with Pam and Paul visiting after their holiday in the Bay of Naples.  They needed some cooler weather after blistering heat day after day and this green and pleasant land didn’t disappoint with some nice cool days and showers to match.  It wasn’t all wet though and most of the time was merely cloudy and overcast for the authentic English summer experience.  That is perhaps a little harsh, we did have some sunny days too but with a gentle warmth from the northern sun.  As with our previous antipodean visitor we maintained a relentless schedule of sightseeing.  Once again Tetbury and Malmsbury featured on the itinerary but this time Castle Combe – the prettiest village in England – was added.

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