Cabaret Night at Burdall’s Yard

images5HUM468QI have posted before on events at Burdall’s Yard, one of the performance venues for the Performing Arts students at Bath Spa University.  In the run up to Christmas I have booked tickets for a number of new events and we attended the first of these last night. Billed as an “evening of music and entertainment” it included stand-up comedians, singer-songwriters, a poet and an “emerging burlesque talent“.  All the performers were students except for top of the bill, Gavin Osborn, who I had never heard of, which means nothing of course, but you can read about him here and here.

It’s great to see these (not being patronising) young people putting in such effort and taking risks getting up on stage.  The audience was mainly other students and probably a lot of their friends but there were one or two others like ourselves (oldsters).  We fell into conversation with a freelance commercial photographer, an older guy, who was clearly there to enjoy the energy and, in fact, to take pictures as these have already appeared on the Burdall’s Yard Facebook page and his own Abacus Photography page.  He is based in Devizes and not surprisingly his pictures are much better than mine.  If your quick you might catch them.  Otherwise I have posted a gallery of the performers.

Introducing the show were Stephen Durell and Toby Gibbs giving rise to the moniker, Duribbs Cabaret.  Praise would have to go to these two for putting the whole thing together and they did a pretty good job of the compering, verbally sparring and bouncing off each other well, although a little work is required to develop the rapport.   The bill had four stand-ups, two singer-songwriters (one with guitar, one with keyboards who actually did a Tim Minchin song) a sort of comic poet and indeed a burlesque dancer.  I have to say that she definitely impressed as a risk taker for someone so young.

Top of the bill, Gavin Osborn, was the only professional and not surprisingly sounded like it.  He was very amusing and sang and played very, very well.  There is nothing like live music and indeed a live show. The audience lapped it all up and were fantastically responsive especially the girl with the “laugh like a squeaking door” – she knows who she is.

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