Lord Trumpington Of Trump Hall

I first saw this on the Foreign Policy web site – yes I know, how very nerdy of me – but I suspect that this is already going “viral”, as they say, on the interwebs.  Despite that it is too good not to re-post for any who might have missed it.

Some have suggested that the voice is that of none other than “the Cumberbatch” himself.  Whoever it is the essential, frightening point is that if said in the right accents almost anything can sound reasonable and convincing.  This is a phenomenon that is never lost on the ruling elites of this country at least.

A Paris Bricolage

2015-11-08 12.02.23This is my last post on Paris probably to your relief.  It is my “construction or creation from a diverse range of available things” as the Oxford dictionary defines bricolage.  It is all the bits and pieces that didn’t seem to fit into any of the other post themes but about which I feel like telling you about.  The first of these is the Metro system.  It is well-known that the Paris Metro is a great system.  It is very extensive and with 2015-11-11 16.27.55stations just about everywhere and always near to wherever you want to go.  It has two other great virtues in my opinion.  One is the rubber wheels on the trains that make it far quieter than the London Underground, for example, and much quieter than the hideously loud and screechy New York subway.  The second is the flat fare system.  Buy a ticket and you can go anywhere, changing as many times as you like as long as you don’t come up for air.  Buy a book of tickets and they are cheaper.  Buy a “Navigo” card and the average cost per ride is even cheaper.  You never have to think “what zone I am in?” “where am I going?” etc.. Brilliant.

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