3D Art at the Holburne

LordSydneyThe Holburne Museum is a lovely building situated at the far end of Great Pulteney Street in Sydney Gardens and yes, they are named after the same Lord Sydney whose name was bestowed on our glorious city.  Lord Sydney was Home Secretary at the time that the American colonies became unavailable for transporting felons.  It was his bright idea to send them to Australia.  Believe it or not his actual name, before he took the title Lord Sydney, was Tommy Townshend.  I imagine he was very glad to be able to throw that name off as it makes him sound like an end-of-the-pier comedian from the ’50’s or ’60’s.  Anyway, I digress;  this has nothing to do with the exhibition of 3d art by Michael Eden.

2016-01-25 12.25.37What exactly is this 3d art?  Well, the artist has begun by sketching shapes in two dimensions, expanding them into 3d designs using CAD/CAM software and then using that output to program 3d printers to “print” – using what I understand is more properly called additive layer manufacturing – the pots.  The unique feature of these pots is that they could not have been made by any other known process as the shapes and structure are so complex.  Some more examples are shown below.

2016-01-25 12.30.29             2016-01-25 12.30.04             2016-01-25 12.20.27

I didn’t like the “texture” of all of these such as the ones that looked a bit like they were constructed from plastic straws but the ones such as the orange coloured pot above had such an intricate structure that one can see how impossible they would be to make any other way.


The white pot at the end I especially liked but I couldn’t help being reminded of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party as portrayed in the Disney cartoon of Alice in Wonderland – judge for yourselves.  For those interested, here is the artist explaining his technique:

2 thoughts on “3D Art at the Holburne

  1. tomwjc February 1, 2016 / 3:34 am

    Really spectacular. Technology intercedes for the hand in an interesting modern way.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Toby the Cat February 1, 2016 / 8:27 am

      Yes, interesting way of putting it. It shows that people continue to find new ways to utilise the technology of the day to express themselves. Human creativity and emotions always triumph in the end.


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