If Money Talks Then In Bruton It Says “Art Market”

Hauser & Wirth Somerset - Under Overcast Skies
Hauser & Wirth Somerset – Under Overcast Skies

Sometimes we do something or visit somewhere and it is fairly straightforward to write about it; travelogue style pieces that essentially say we went here and saw that.  However occasionally we do or see something that provokes a deeper response in me and I then find it quite hard to think about how to write about it to the extent that I wonder whether I should or not.  That is because my response will mean that I have to share something about myself and my feelings and opinions with the “world” that I may not think is entirely politic.  Even writing this paragraph falls into that category and leads me to ponder what exactly is the purpose of the blog and why I am writing it.  When I am “stuck” over a post in this way I always know as I will often start it and then scrap it; write the first paragraph and decide it is not right; give it one title and then change it and sometimes abandon it altogether.  All of this except the abandoning have been true of this post.

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