If Money Talks Then In Bruton It Says “Art Market”

Hauser & Wirth Somerset - Under Overcast Skies
Hauser & Wirth Somerset – Under Overcast Skies

Sometimes we do something or visit somewhere and it is fairly straightforward to write about it; travelogue style pieces that essentially say we went here and saw that.  However occasionally we do or see something that provokes a deeper response in me and I then find it quite hard to think about how to write about it to the extent that I wonder whether I should or not.  That is because my response will mean that I have to share something about myself and my feelings and opinions with the “world” that I may not think is entirely politic.  Even writing this paragraph falls into that category and leads me to ponder what exactly is the purpose of the blog and why I am writing it.  When I am “stuck” over a post in this way I always know as I will often start it and then scrap it; write the first paragraph and decide it is not right; give it one title and then change it and sometimes abandon it altogether.  All of this except the abandoning have been true of this post.

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Star Bores and Thoughts on the Missing Underclass

grey-squirrel-498849_960_720I know that some people, who know who they are, will say that this post belongs on my Ruminations Blog but since I have not posted much recently and am classifying it under “Manners and Customs” I am posting it here anyway.

Although this is the period of our hibernation we do emerge occasionally to check our stores of nuts and the like or to see items of popular entertainment in order to remain abreast of the zeitgeist.  So it was that we found ourselves in the Odeon, Bath with just three other people for what amounted to a private showing of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, in 3D, because I hadn’t noticed that this was a 3D not a standard 2D showing.  Never mind, I quite like the 3D experience even with clip-on glasses, and clearly for a movie such as this it does augment the visuals.

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